Funny Happy New year Jokes SMS 2016 best Collection

Dance and music can’t make celebrations worthy,
Its the presence of my dear buddies that make it
Wising New year greetings to all my lovely cool friends!



Shall we dare a dance?
In the middle of the church tower space.
To say goodbye to the old year.
And Happy New Year my dear.


As the New Year 2016 gently
opens the door,
may you enter the new year
with heart full of hopes,
mind full of peace and
face full of cute smiles!
Happy New Year Wishes!



Last Υear, Ι have been sο stubborn Αnd bad.
Ι caused you sο much pain Αnd hurt.
Τhis year, Ι want you tο know that Ι will Νever change.
Ι Shall stay Τhe same. Happy Νew Year!



Faqat tum se hi karta hun mein saari raaz ki baaten
Har ek ko daastan-e-dil suna kar kuchh nahin milta
Happy New Year 2016




  • May you spend lesser time online this New Year and more with the real people who fill up your real world.”
  • “This New Year may you find innumerable ways to make health food as tasty as the junk!”
  • “If you are planning to turn a new leaf over this New Year, make sure the leaf is free of bugs.”
  • “This New Year hope you are not tempted to pile up on health food cook books and then end up heating frozen food at meal times.”

People make new resolution
1st January I have left drinking
2nd January I have left smoking
And after 10 days I m going to
Start therapy
And after 10 days met to that friend
In-front of him commitment done,
Hey u said to leave these thing
Buddy let leave it for next year’s resolutions
That time I was in frolic…



Take care how you meet and greet with people this New Year since broken spirits have no available spare parts!” “This New Year I’m on a look out for a bank that would give me a big loan and then forget me forever. “ “I envy the mosquitoes since they can spend the midnight hour with you and kiss you as the clock strikes New Year.”





Wish New Year was every man’s birthday when people can wipe out all the unwanted and start afresh.

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