League of Legends quotes jokes and taunts

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Just woke up and grabbing my morning coffee, Why not make a post were we post the funniest shit we’ve seen in ingame chat.
Ill start by posting a few ones i know. Have a good one 😀
Ezreal: Braum ward the river you shithead!!!
Braum : You mean spoilers?
Annie : worth
Varus : YES. the proverbial worth
Varus : when jesus was bleeding on the cross
Varus : his last words just before ascending to heaven to spend eternity at his fathers side were
Varus : Heh, worth
Twisted Fate [12:38]: usted imbéciles no se puede llevar un cubo
Taric : good luck with the green card idiot
Vel’Koz : nami hold mid for a sec against kat
Nami : ok
Katarina : die fishtits
Katarina ><)))))X> Fatality.
Thresh : here boy

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Thresh : go fetch it like the dog you are
Thresh : you make me sick
Caitlyne : were fked
Caitlyne : i told you to ban yasuo he is op as jesus
Vina : np we got kassadin and a strong team
Vina : and jesus wasn’t that op, he was like 0-2
Lee Sin [19:40]: hey tryn
Lee Sin [19:58]: “holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” – Buddha
Tryndamere : hey lee
Tryndamere : “Go fuck yourself” – Benjamin Franklin
Darius : Garen! Weak servant of Demacia! Come forth so that I can annihilate you in the name of Noxus!
Garene : Shut the fuck up you fuckin piece of shit.
Ezreala : wow u nobs peel plz
Rivene : hey ezreal, do you tan easily?
Ezreal : no why
Riven : you’re looking pretty bronze there.


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