15 Funny WhatsApp Conversations

 @-) Discover this collection of images with different funny conversations through the famous application for mobile phones; Whatsapp. Today we are accustomed to use thisapplication to communicate with friends, colleagues, family… our conversations usually go well, however, sometimes things do not go as we wish; here are a few tests of this.

The conversations that you see below have been extracteddirectly from mobile phonesin other words, pranksters were not satisfied with laughing at his victim, they also put on the internet for all the world to see them. Conversations between friends, family, couples in love no matter the type of relationship between these people, there is no sympathy between them.

15 funny whatsapp fress fressco

Whatsapp 4

Whatsapp 5

Whatsapp 6

Whatsapp 7

Whatsapp 8

Whatsapp 9

Whatsapp 10

Whatsapp 11

Whatsapp 12

Whatsapp 13

Whatsapp 14

Whatsapp 15



Whatsapp 2

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