Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announce their separation, Why did Chris Pratt and Anna Faris divorce

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announce separation after eight years.

I love that so many people have made a point of reading this, then commenting that they a) don’t care and b) think it isn’t newsworthy. First, they clicked on it, then they read it, then they decided to stun us all with their opinions that the story i…See more

This was foreseeable. After chris pratt went on a diet and lost all the weight, he got all the cool (and profitable) roles, as a superhero and as the jurassic park hot guy. Let us guess that he cheated on anna, he couldn’t help himself. Women throw themselves at him, now that he’s a star and not a fatty.

They tried hard for so long, which is so much more than most couples do these days. Kudos for trying for your son and for yourselves. It’s a shame, but be proud of your amicability.

I wish and pray that every couple that have problems, will not take the divorce to leave the problems. There is no any relationship without problems. In our daily life, there will be frictions because everybody is different. As long as it is not abuse, i think they should try the marriage therapists. Otherwise they will keep divorcing after remarrying again..

Money and fame and lack of time together what else is new a very typical situation they shouldn’t have made their private pain public but then again this was part of the plan. Hollywood wins. Sad but true. Poor innocent son. Greed wins in hollywood

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announce their separation


The husband’s head got to big and he left his family in the dust. Come down from your high horse chris pratt and be the husband and father your supposed to be. You have a beautiful family and you want to destroy it? Get real!

They’re the cutest couple i’ve ever seen. Everytime i see them together on tv show, they look super sweet, the eye-contact made me think that they’re really love each other very much. This is really sad to realise behind camera, some couple might have their own problem and they have tried so hard to cover it all up.

This and jay cutler getting a contract are the top two trending “news” stories right now, ahead of north korea, tillerson/russia, chicago suing trump and china. Says a lot.

Who cares, if you love each other as you say then work it out, military families, trucker families, traveling away for your job, etc……We are away from our families and each other and we don’t have the money to go see them. So get over yourselves and quit saying you still love each other. Work it out and stay together, we could all quit when the going gets tough!

Here’s the reason why i stopped watching romantic films from hollywood stables that end in happily ever after! All an illusion!

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Announce Separation

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announce separation: ‘We tried hard’


Not surprised! I’m betting he has cheated, it usually is the male! Hard for a couple to stay together in hollywood! I never thought brad and angelina would split either! Go tom hanks and rita wilson!

They had only been married 8 or 9 years…So to say they had worked really hard …A long time…I don’t think so. Marriage can be hard…But to persevere and succeed …For the sake of.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Announce Separation


Jennifer lawrence was the beginning of the end for them. Don’t worry chris…I’ll hit anna 10 ways from sunday and she’ll forget your name! Lmao! Hollywood claims another couple and proves two stars rarely last very long together. Jealousy, betrayal, infidelity….Typical.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Announce Separation on Instagram

Chris Pratt, Anna Faris and why some celebrity breakups leave fans


I had held out hope because of their testimony for jesus christ. It is always sad when couples divorce – esp if they have children. I truly wish the best for all of them – but hope they get godly counsel & stay together. Amen.

Really people get a life you never hear about people breaking up that are not movie stars….These people are no different and to read im so heartbroken over this…You dont even know them..Bury someone you love thats heartbreaking

I find it strange, these people will say they don’t want the paparazzi, bothering them or the tabloids printing their private life, then they go and post it on social media. I have a family member who has been married and divorced several times,and he did not post it all over social media.

This is on every media outlet – nearly the same story in each word for word, which means they’re press releases from a publicist. Why aren’t you covering widespread corruption among our public officials? Why are you claiming that min…See more

More often than not, hollywood couples break up after one gets vastly more successful than the other… Who is to blame idk… But it is a trend…


No, no, no!! I hate to hear this. Things happen, i know. As long as it doesn’t come out that another person caused it, i’ll be fine. That news would just break my heart because they seem like such good people.

I don’t get why actors marry other actors, it never seems to work out. She needs a dude that can follow her around and be there when she needs him , same with him, apart in a world were anything can happen is ruff on a relationship i imagine .

My 8 yr anniversary is coming up in a couple weeks. It’s sad to me that people just chuck a marriage in the trash when they are tired of it. I feel sorry for the kid who will be tossed back and forth.

So sorry, especially for their little boy. Never easy on a kiddo when their parents split up. Couples have a hard time keeping it together these days. I wish them all the best while they walk this challenging time in their lives.

I sorry for their son. It is hard for couple with kids with dishabilities to stay toguether… Belive me im one one them. My eldest was born 3 months premature and after 8 years we r separated… So sorry for them hope we can all move on and be there to help oir special kids

What?! Why?! But pratt said they still love each other.  so he’s a big time celeb now so he’s just gonna let his marriage to be ruined? For that 9long yrs of marriage? Smh they just don’t tried enough.

No way?! They were just so into one another, especially that video where dave batista showed chris pratt how to perform a power bomb on his wife.


I would have much more respect for them if they hung in there and worked it out. Love is a decision and we can either chose to love, and fight for that love, or we can take the easy way out and move on. It looks like they chose the easy way.

Mean while they lynching blacks still in the south. And my government is showing their true colors. The revolution will not be televised.

I know this news doesn’t actually matter to us but it is a little depressing when actors become famous and coincidentally end their marriages. It’s lame especially when there are children involved.

He seemed rather smitten with jennifer lawrence when they were doing promos for passengers. May be nothing to it…Who knows..Or cares really, except them. Hope they find happiness.

When you get paid to cheat on your wife or husband, it’s not going to last! That is what actors do…… Brad and angelina…..

This is disappointing. I think we have started to expect to see this type of thing when someone really blows up beyond where they were, which is what chris has done ever since guardians became a thing.

What a shame. They were a beautiful couple. I think it’s very hard for hollywood couples to stay married…Lots of pressure, ego issues and temptation beyond belief. Sad.


My heart is broken with this news… They were such an amazing power couple.. I enjoyed seeing these two together.. They’ll definitely regret this decision one day.. No doubt…

I saw them do an interview a year or two ago and felt that something had changed. Chris seemed a little distant and stand-offish. I remember thinking that it would be a shame if chris’ new look, and super-stardom, came between them. Seems that’s exactl…See more

Why do they have to announce it? I don’t even know who they are…Well i’m going to announce that my divorce is almost final …..Lol true story ! But does anyone care ?

I may live in my own world but i can honestly say i have never heard of either of them…So the phrase couldn’t give a toss springs to mind!!

So sad…. I’m going through a separation after 29 years of marriage. It’s devastating and it’s hard. Prayers for them both keep jack the center and always put him first.

I’m gonna laugh if they’re not (only posted on 1 of several social media sites according to this vid) and cnn did all this work to put together an inaccurate video.

Now a day separate is not always ending up by getting divorce . They have break and breathe again . Unless one of them want to change something in life .

Meanwhile colin kapernick can’t get a job for standing up against police brutality and other social issues plaguing the black community but that gets no headline!

This hurts my heart for you both, and jack especially. I know you guys are celebrities, and i don’t know you, but i loved you guys as a couple, and as actors. Wishing you the best going forward 💗

They won’t bother working on it because both are hot enough and rich enough to walk away, and find someone else in a flash. Rich ppl’s problems.

When this guy was chubby, and he was watch ,park and rec, she loved him now he is ripped and unfortunately not surprisingly, the marriage suffers his new celebrity. These actors need to make a conscious decision what is more important being famous by people who don’t even know them or be most important to their family who loves them. To be there for the ones you love.

I agree look at twlight guy look at older actors too as soon as they get picked back up it is go for the younger chick i was really crazy about him and their stroy when he cught fame now 6 yrs later when child is old enough to understand see tht is als…See more

Shocker, becomes rich and famous amd leaves the woman who stood by him. Haven’t we seen this before in… Hollywood lol

I would imagine the rumors that he’s been cheating on her are true. Too bad, another jerk who leaves behind a special needs son to be cared for by his mother.

Such cynicism and assumption. They announced their separation to reduce the over speculation by the media. They didn’t say why or how. Geez…Not your news? Move on!

She had fame then he did. Which most likely caused the ripple i the marriage. I was hoping hopeful anna will come back to us through the silver screen.

Legally seperating,means they suckered paid to tell everyone they’re not living together,but they’re still married. Blip that! They could’ve done that for free!

I can’t decide whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing that i have no idea who these people are or why i should care if they are getting a divorce.

Anna farris is freakin adorable. She always looked good, her cuteness is equal to what meg ryan use to be the epitome of cute!!!!

A marriage that results in two separate family names is pretty well destined for a short life anyhow. This is becoming so normal that it is only news on facebook.

I knew it was going to happen, he got famous, rich and a rocking body… She stagnated. Seen it happen so many times. Sad because they made a really good couple.

Well he was like 300 pounds when they met and now he’s ripped and he’s on the hollywood a-list. It’s time for him to move on to supermodels and french actresses. Let the man soar with the eagles now that he’s found his wings!

That’s sad news, chris – but i still love your acting and your movies, go one like this , give us more guardians of the galaxy, and also more jurassic world world and come maybe also as indiana jones

This is not surprising to anyone who watched his last round of late show appearances and all he could talk about was jennifer lawrence 🙄

Lefties have been pushing an agenda of nuclear family destruction for years and then get all twisted when an “elite” family is destroyed… Karma to cnn and all you progressives. Karma for your hatefilled socialist agenda.

I hope they both find what they’re looking for, and have peace about their decision. Still hopeful they may one day find their way back to each other….

He becomes a movie star, get a personal trainer and now wants to be a hoe. So who cares about his son, family etc. Here is a typical situation.

We all saw this coming he is starring in blockbuster movies, her last movie was the house bunny or something to that effect.

It makes me depressed and makes me believe love doesn’t exist and it doesn’t last forever.

They want to keep this private for their sons sake but announce it on social media……Huh??? Well thats pretty private i must say

That is the result of having a too much of everything in your life. The result is devastating, both party can live without the other.

If they want to keep it as private as possible…..Why the f are they both announcing it on social media…And, who cares!!!!!

Why other things are important than a child. West talks. A lot about this right and that right. Don’t children mean anything?

Celebrities usually never last what made them.Thinl they could. I’m glad it sounds like they will get along for the sake of their child tho

Celebrities have made marriage look so cheap. How many of them have kept marriages for at least 20 years ? May be 3 in a million. This is how destructive money can be ….

I dont really care! And not surprised. Hlywood does not respect the sanctity of marriage. I believe in my oath through sickness and health no matter what we ride or die till death do us part. Period

This is what the clown network reports on? Most people dont care what overpaid actors do or say , just dance and pretend to entertain us , but keep your comments and your private lives to your self

Are you 4 real….Seriously….Both and child will be.More than okay…. All these people months later end up sooooo in love with some1 else…Plz…..

I have no clue who they are and why is this news??? People divorce every hour of the day, 365/7. I’m sure the us will go into depression now because of this. Over it.

The kid looks mental lmao natasha wellington 8 years didnt do him justice

I have never heard of anna farris until now. I must be getting old.

Thought they were one of the rare young couples who had it together.


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