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Tommaso C: Hello, thank you for contacting SoftLayer. How can I help you today?
Paresh: Hi i want to new server for my site songs3.com
Paresh: Daily 300000 visitor on my site and my platform is wordpress
Paresh: how much RAM and processor i should get
Tommaso C: Hello Paresh, can i ask why are you planning to move from your current host provider?
Tommaso C: Let me check your website, so that I can have a better understanding.
Tommaso C: Can I ask if you have a budget for this?
Paresh: 150$ to 250$ my budget
Paresh: CentOS 6.x – LAMP Install (64 bit)
Paresh: this is linux or windows?
Tommaso C: Thank you Paresh, I am sure you can find the best option here on Softlayer.
Tommaso C: CentOS is linux.
Tommaso C: We offer unmanaged infrastructure Paresh, will you be able to manage the server yourself?
Paresh: You give me server with WHM panel?
Tommaso C: Yes that would be included if you like
Tommaso C: Can I ask where are your customers located?
Paresh: My 70% customers is in india
Paresh: WHM panel is free or with extra charges?
Tommaso C: Perfect! We have a DC in India and one in Singapore to serve your customer well and fast.
Tommaso C: Cpanel with WHM costs $25
Tommaso C: I can create a quote for you, so that you can see prices clearly.
Paresh: $25 is for first month or every month
Tommaso C: All our charges are monthly Paresh.
Paresh: 4 x 2.0 GHz Cores [$64.00] 8 x 2.0 GHz Cores [$128.00]
Paresh: which is perfect server for my site
Paresh: my platform is wordpress
Tommaso C: Sure Paresh, can you please confirm this email? [email protected]
Paresh: yes
Tommaso C: Thank you, I am building your quote now.
Tommaso C: Can I ask why do you want to mover from your current provider?
Paresh: Because when my live visitor is reach to more then 1500 then my site is down
Tommaso C: Thanks! This will not happen with SoftLayer.
Tommaso C: Can I ask how much storage do you need?
Paresh: Only 10
Paresh: 10 GB
Tommaso C: Sure, one moment please. I am almost done.
Tommaso C: Do you require some back-up? We offer an enterprise solution directly on server
Tommaso C: We always recommend to add back-up on every solution.
Paresh: no i dont wat back-up
Paresh: no i dont want back-up
Tommaso C: Sure, I will send you the quote now. One moment please
Tommaso C: (any link)
Tommaso C: Please find the quote at the link above.
Paresh: I want Uplink Port Speeds: 1 Gbps Public & Private Network Uplinks
Tommaso C: Sure, let me modify the quote, one moment please.
Paresh: and with WHM panel
Tommaso C: That is included already Paresh.
Tommaso C: (any link)
Tommaso C: Please find the quote at the link above.
Paresh: ok I am type domai in songs3.com and what type in host name
Tommaso C: This is for you to remember Paresh. For us anything is good, also something.com or softlayer.com.
Paresh: Hi i am try to give payment but they show some error
Paresh: “You caught us with our page down. Please avert your eyes while we pull ourselves together.” What this means
Tommaso C: I am sorry about that Paresh, you may have to start the procedure again, it looks like the page had a time out.
Tommaso C: Please close your browser and start again.
Tommaso C: Did you manage to complete the order Paresh?
Paresh: translation successful
Paresh: How to I am open whm panel
Tommaso C: You will receive the login details in a bit, Paresh. The order has to be verified by our dedicated department first.
Paresh: How to I am verify my order?
Tommaso C: It is an automated process from our end Paresh.
Paresh: Now I am open softlayer panel but can’t find WHM panel option
Tommaso C: Paresh, we are currently waiting the paypal confirmation. You shouldn’t have received the confirmation yet.
Paresh: no, I give payment with my visa debit cart
Tommaso C: Do you have the order number please?
Paresh: orger no is 695155345
Tommaso C: Thanks, one moment please.
Tommaso C: I can see the order is under provisioning now.
Paresh: How much time take for verify order?
Tommaso C: The order is under provision Paresh, it will take approximately 40 minutes
Paresh: Please check now, this order is verified or not?
Tommaso C: Yes, it’s completed.
Paresh: Now how to open WHM panel?
Tommaso C: Did you receive the email with the login details?
Paresh: I open control.softlayer.com/devices but i am can’t find WHM option
Tommaso C: Can I have you customer ID please?
Paresh: How much bandwidth in my server. Where can i find?
Paresh: Account ID : 944113589
Tommaso C: Please use our encyclopedia for all your questions.
Tommaso C: http://knowledgelayer.softlayer.com/
Tommaso C: Your server has 250GB of outbound bandwidth allocated
Tommaso C: Also, you will be sent an invitation for taking part in a webinar on how to use our portal, I strongly suggest you to take part in it.
Paresh: yes i am find, now my bandwidth is 250 GB
Paresh: How to can increase my bandwidth
Tommaso C: Under account – devices – device list – actions – network options.
Paresh: I am can’t Find Bandwidth upgrade option
Tommaso C: Under account – devices – device list – actions – network options
Paresh: Under Account not any option of device
Tommaso C: Under account – device list – actions – network options
Paresh: I am going to upgrade bandwidth
Paresh: If you have and promo code then give me
Tommaso C: We have no promo code for bandwidth.
Paresh: please check I am upgrated my bandwidth this is upgrated or not
Paresh: Can i should reboot system
Tommaso C: Your current bandwidth allocation is 1TB. Thus the upgrade went through.


Thank you for choosing SoftLayer. A representative will be with you shortly.

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Marquesa E: Hello, thank you for contacting SoftLayer. How can I help you today?

Paresh Gami: How to can i reboot my server?

Marquesa E: You can reboot the server by going to controls.softlayer.com > devices > device list > actions > reboot.

Marquesa E: Did you have any other questions at this time?

Paresh Gami: I am can’t find any device list name under device menu

Marquesa E: Allow me a moment to look into this for you Paresh.

Paresh Gami: ok you try this

Marquesa E: It looks like this is going to become a known issue. There are numerous customer’s affected at this time. We are alerting our development team to the issue at this time.

Paresh Gami: ok you do anything and solve problem

Marquesa E:https://control.softlayer.com/devices/details/15984115/virtualGuest You can still view the device from here though

Marquesa E:https://control.softlayer.com/devices/details/15984115/virtualGuest

Marquesa E: We are working on getting this resolved permanently, and apologize for any inconvenience.  

Marquesa E: Did you have any other questions at this time?

Marquesa E: It looks like I have lost you, if you need further help please reconnect to chat. Thank you for choosing Softlayer.

Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

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