Chating with Dlink Service for Rj11 to Rj45 Convert Modem

Welcome Bharat! Your request has been directed to our Customer Service department.
Please wait for the next available agent.
Call accepted by agent padma.
padma:Thank you for contacting D-Link Chat Support. How can I help you today?
Bharat:i have dsl2750u modem. it has rj11 port but my broadband have rj45 port. so what to do
padma:You have purchased wrong router for your internet provider
padma:DSL-2750u will not work with RJ45 IPS
Bharat:any solution for that
padma:You will have to buy another router which works with RJ45 ISP
Bharat:any suggestion for modem
Bharat:which model i want to buy for rj 45
padma:DIR-605L works with RJ45 isp, it has range of 15-20meters in open space, it supports 10-12 total clients
Bharat:any modem more then 15-20 meters ?
padma:DIR-816L has 25-30meters range
Bharat:DIR-816L work for rj45
Bharat:any 50-60 meter modem?
Bharat:any 50-60 meter modem?
padma:DIR-868L has range of 35-40 meters
padma:that is max that we have
Bharat:ok thank u so much
padma:Thank you for using D-Link chat service and have a great day!

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