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Naci G: Hello, thank you for contacting SoftLayer. How can I help you today?
Paresh Gami: Now i am created new subdomain on my site but subdomain is not working and only main domain is working, how can i fix it?
Naci G: You need to have a zone for this subdomain.
Naci G: In your DNS.
Paresh Gami: which zone should me edit for subdomain in WHM?
Naci G: Your domain pointed to 3rd party DNS.
Naci G: So you should set from your DNS service provider.
Naci G:
Paresh Gami: But i am changed my IP address on on thirdparty godaddy
Naci G: Please create A record for test and point this to your server’s IP.
Paresh Gami: please explain me how to create record and where create record, WHM panel or any other place
Naci G: You need to do this from Godaddy because your domain is pointed to Godaddy DNS.
Naci G:
Paresh Gami: Thanks very much Naci I will try this and if happen any problem then i will again contact you. bye
Naci G: You are welcome.
Naci G: Have a great day.
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